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Originally Posted by juliez View Post
I am already not playing. I have tried almost everything: synvisc, cortisone, Physical therapy, unloading brace and platelet rich plasma
I'm sorry - I don't know your injury history. Wouldn't it depend at least in part on that?

Tsonga and I both have torn menisci, except I have a bucket-handle tear and he doesn't. I've opted for the non-surgery method, but I'm still struggling with constant rebuilding from muscular atrophy b/c my range of motion is limited ... but people that I know who've had my injury and who aren't superstars have had surgery and haven't had the best results.

So I think I'd be doing a lot of asking of my docs as to *why* they're recommending partial over full, or vice versa ... and also what they expect your prospects will be to keep playing, with proper rehab, afterward, should you decide to get a procedure done.
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