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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
Just played a tournament match under the lights - beautiful night, no wind, perfect temperature. Lights are actually pretty decent as far as most courts. Problem is that I hadn't played an outdoor match under the lights in years. Lost 6-0, 6-2 to someone I woundn't think that I would lose to very often. Barely won a point in the first set, just couldn't see the ball to contact it. Started to get some idea of where the ball was in the second set - or at least thought so until a serve I never saw hit me in the groin area (and he didn't have a big serve, thankfully). Couple other guys from my USTA team also played that night. One lost the first set 6-0 before winning the match in the end. The other played a guy he would normally beat 6-0 and was on serve late in the first set when the other guy had to retire.
I used to play a lot under the lights many years ago, and never had any problem. It never occurred to me that lights could be such a problem. I've played under much worse lights than these, before. I was thinking maybe it was just me having a bad day, but the other guys took a long time to adjust, also.
Do any of you have problems under the lights, or is this just a statistical anomaly that all 3 of us took a long time to adjust to the lights?
At the public courts where I play the lights are pretty decent. Every once in a while I have a problem with the lights on an overhead. Recently there was a soccer match going on during the night when we were playing and some cars at the far end of the adjacent soccer field had their bright lights on. That was a problem, as you were looking right into them from one end of the court.

Anyway, yeah, I think that particular lighting systems might be a real problem for many players ... not just a statistical anomaly.
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