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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
How high a bounce are you looking for? How high a net clearance?
I used to play a FlimFlam man (flea marketeer) around 60 years old who hit his twists so it cleared the net by easily 5', maybe more, ball going slow at maybe 50 mph, but bounced well over 6' high or higher at the baseline. His twist is impacted with a slightly open face.
Mine might be vertical face. I hit up a bit, contact point around 8'6" or slightly lower, ball clears the net by 3' or so, goes maybe 60 mph, and bounces between 5'6" to 6' high, but hardly ever higher (in 60 degree weather, DunlopHDChampHardcourt balls). Worm cement courts.
The last vid might be closed face, barely top of shoulder bounce, but much more ball speed, probably closer to 80 or possibly more.
You definitely didn’t read post #1. Twist serve (bounce to the right for righties) theoretically and practically impossible to hit with vertical or slightly open racquet!!!
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