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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
Senti, if your pal did get neutered he might stray from home a bit less. My two boys are still intact and the older wants to escape and roam every night. Thankfully, he rarely succeeds on his escape mission. I should rename him after the Brit pal of Steve McQueen's character in "The Great Escape". I'll go imDb that now and edit ASAP.
I hope he will stop wandering now. Anyway, the concerning part is that the mother was spayed 3-4 months back and she's been mating away for the last few days. Whole bunch of males hanging around.

Luckily, the 2 little pups I spayed who are now 11 months old have not got any attention from the males, but I just hope next season they also don't start getting courted.

I remember seeing The Great Escape as a kid. We loved it then, don't know how I will react today. I remember we loved the Bridge over River Kwai. Then in the 90s i saw a rerun of it on telly and we were all bored and waiting for something to happen.
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