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Originally Posted by effortless View Post
Seems like more people prefer short compact swings.

But doesn't a longer swing mean more power? In that case wouldn't you want a long swing when you have time to wind up for ground shots?

I personally think there are benefits to both. The reason i started this thread is that to me it seems too many people are advising other players to have short compact ground shots and i'm not sure that is right.
If you hit with timing, power (or lack thereof) becomes a non-issue. Not to mention, it's easier on the body.

But yes, longer swing generally mean more power, but how much more does one need? However, like I said, if you time it right, a massive swing won't give you that much more power.

You definitely need to have both, but you'll be surprised by how many winners/forced you can get by just blocking and flicking ***** back.

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