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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Search, there is plenty (of more confusing) info on these boards...
The TGK/TGT froames are the Pro stock versions of the retail frames. The retail frames have the identical markings (if you take the pallets off), so, they come from the same mold/materials. The retail sticks are made for the Mass market according to the specs printed inside the throat.
The Pro Stock version (we call them TGK/TGT here) are lighter versions of the retail made for easy customization for the Pros. Each of those has the specific weight and balance printed under the pallets. The weight and balance corresponds to the hairpin.
Some of the TGKs may have a special layup done, some may have a special string pattern -- Berdych, Cilic, old Wawrinka...

Then, there are the PT57A/E/F... These are the paintjobs of the Pro Stock old rackets -- PT57A is of the PT630, PT57E is of the iPrestige, PT57F is of the PT630 mold/layup with flexpoint holes, blah, blah... These also may come in the special string pattern and layups. There are other than PT57x variants of the PT sticks. The PTs used to be made (and may still be) in Austria until recently (not sure).

Then, you have some special setups like Djokovic's racket that we do not know the code. Could be TGK231.1 -- MG Radical MO since it comes from the same mold, but may be a special layup (softer)...

Thanks for the info how come you know so much about the pro-stock sticks ?

Here's a question for you and anyone else out you know if anyone has ever got their hands on a genuine Federer stick. Remember when he smashed his racket-up in Miami, i'm sure he put it back in his bag so no one could get there hands on it ?
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