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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Imagine Hoad and Gonzales were in great shape in 63-64 and adding prime Laver and prime Rosewall you have the best quartet ever
Budge,Crawford,Perry and Vines
Tilden and 3 mousk
Kramer,Sedgman,Gonzo and Trabert in early 50
Borg,Connors,Lendl and Mac early 80
And the early 90 foursome of AA,BB,Sampras and Edberg

2 Williams,Sharapova and Clijsters
Seles,Graf,Hingis and Davenport
Evert,Austin,Navy,Mandlikiva early 80
Gibson,Mo,Marble and Hart in 50
And the toughest ever, in 70:
kiki, In the 1964 BBC2 tournament we did have the four giants when Hoad d. Rosewall 8-1 and Gonzalez beat Laver. In the final Pancho won even though he lost the first set by 0-6...

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