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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Well Rosberg won a race this year. Is there any race Michael could have won this year even without DNFs. I just looked up some info online and it seems Schumacher is not retiring at the end of this year, atleast not volunteeringly. That case the only way I could see Lewis joining Mercedes (if he even wants to which I am far from convinced) is if they dump Schumacher on their own accord in favor of Hamilton. I dont think Rosberg is going anywhere anytime soon.
The latest news, although not officially confirmed by McLaren, is that Lewis stays in the british team. I guess if Schumacher wants to continue, he will.

Rosberg won a GP, but in this race, Schumacher was just 4-5 seconds behind him. Then he went to the pit and lost a tyre shortly after he was back on the track again. A few seconds in the first half of a race is nothing in the modern F1 with all the problems that, for example, tires can cause. MSC could have had a chance. Rosberg was strong in this race though. He probably would have won anyway, but sadly, we will never know

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