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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post
I'm glad you are a sport journalist, because I do follow F1 and have been since 1986 as far as I can remember.

Schumacher Is nowhere near his best, I'd say he is around 40% or lower than his best. He had a lot of investments when the stock marketing in 2008 had that big down side He lost a lot of money, I don't know details about it, since you're in the business you should know about it.

Of course I'm comparing only Vettel and Alonso, that is the poll.
I started in '93. Looks like you have a headstart

All we can tell is that Schumacher is not as great as he once was. But a lot of teams, drivers and experts still consider him one of the best. Of course there are always those who critisize (just look at Federer). Once Mercedes has a winning car again, we'll see what Schumacher does compared to Rosberg (a teammate is the only true comparison).

This year Schumacher was ahead of Rosberg, who is considered one of the best these days, many times and MSC was very unfortunate with all the problems on his car. In the first race he was in third position when his gearbox failed for example and he was ahead of or at least close to Rosberg in other "MSC, dnf" races as well (also, see my post above)... and that pole position in Monaco was oustanding. And in the last races he was ahead of Rosberg most of the time, even in qualifying where MSC leads 8-6. He drives better now than he did two seasons ago. I think that says something...

I have never heard of any big financial loss for Schumacher and even google did not show any results. Even if it was true and he lost half of his money, 500 millions are still more than enough to never do anything for money in your life. I'd say it is a fact that he did not return for money.

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