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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
That's awesome.
Do you use photoshop for those images? If so how do get such great selections? (meaning the method/tool for selecting the part of the image you want to cut/copy/paste). Mine are never that good.
Yes, I use Photoshop.
Mostly I apply Rectangular Marquee and Lasso.

1. First I use Rectangular to make approximate selections from original JPEG (or whatever) file.
2. Create new PSD file.
3. Paste previous copied selection into PSD file. Photoshop automatically creates layer. I select this layer.
4. Then I work as sculptor and cut everything useless. I apply mostly Lasso tool with Feather=1px to select first group unwanted pixels and hit “delete”. Hit "ctrl D" to deselect. Repeat this step for next group of unwanted pixel and so on.
5. I often change Zoom: “ctrl +” (zoom in) and “ctrl –“ (zoom out).

This is time consuming process, but I learn this stuff by trial and error and don’t know anything better.
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