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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
I know this is sorta a derail but I cant send PM's and I didnt want to make this its own thread... I guess ill post this here since most of the on-topic conversation has died down anyway...

I radar gunned my serve tonight. It was 97, out wide. We are all in agreement that the new radar unit may not be working properly and we're going to try the old one next week.

We found it strange that 3 people with their biggest serve all topped out at exactly 97. The guy who runs this used to be #1 in the state many years ago, he couldnt break 100 (he topped out at 91 if I heard right) and he said he really hopes that he didnt waste money on the new one.

It does seem to read speeds slower than 100 pretty accurately, but we're skeptical about its ability to read over 100. The average speeds of the serves from 3.0-3.5 women were about 40-50 mph on their second serves. The men were serving about 70-80 on their second's. These readings were taken during points.

After most people left we all tried to hit as big as possible. Most people seemed to serve exactly 91. One person hit 95. Three people hit 97.

This is not the same guy I take lessons from.

We'll see next week...

Now that I think about it... we should have turned it on kmh to see if it "caps" at 156.
Well, those speeds are in line with your technique. Be proud, you're now able to truthfully state "my serve is almost 100 mph". That ain't bad. I'm 3 levels above you and that's all I've got too.
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