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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
Well, those speeds are in line with your technique. Be proud, you're now able to truthfully state "my serve is almost 100 mph". That ain't bad. I'm 3 levels above you and that's all I've got too.
Uh... lol.

I didnt use my new motion for the 97 mph, I used my old motion. It took me about 5 balls to get the timing right before I hit 91. It took me about 5 more balls to hit the 97, in the box, out wide.

While 97 isnt anything to be ashamed of, the accuracy of the handheld unit is in question seeing that 3 people with their biggest, flattest serves all topped out at exactly 97. Only 1 person hit 95, and most people were topping out at 91.

I'm pretty sure if everyone there was as "delusional" as I am, im pretty sure the guy would have just told us. He would definitely say it too and I doubt he would take it a step further to test it himself and then say "I hope I didnt just waste $200. We can test the old radar gun next week."
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