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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
Uh... lol.

I didnt use my new motion for the 97 mph, I used my old motion. It took me about 5 balls to get the timing right before I hit 91. It took me about 5 more balls to hit the 97, in the box, out wide.

While 97 isnt anything to be ashamed of, the accuracy of the handheld unit is in question seeing that 3 people with their biggest, flattest serves all topped out at exactly 97. Only 1 person hit 95, and most people were topping out at 91.

I'm pretty sure if everyone there was as "delusional" as I am, im pretty sure the guy would have just told us. He would definitely say it too and I doubt he would take it a step further to test it himself and then say "I hope I didnt just waste $200. We can test the old radar gun next week."
Yea, it's gotta be the gun.

I caught a 60 pound fish last week, but the scale only said it was 45 pounds. I'm going to get a new scale that says its 60 so I can be right. It might take a few different scales, but when it reads 60 ill know I found an accurate scale.
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