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Originally Posted by themitchmann View Post
Saw it at the GSS symposium the other day. Nice machine. Automatic table brake (locks during tensioning) and Prince like dual action gravity release clamps.
That could be a good and or bad thing. When stringing if your table wobbles any you do not have your gripper, grommet, and the turntable pivot point lined up in a straight line. If you are stringing a prince with O ports and not pin hole grommets that's a good thing but every prince has a few grommet holes. If you have a normal racket I don't think it is such a good thing. If the brake holds the frame off so there is a greater angle or bend of the string than there should be you have more friction and therefore less tension.

if I had one of those I would want something so I could disengage the brake. For most rackets you DO NOT NEED OR WANT THE BRAKE so it would be better to have the brake set up so you could engage in manually.
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