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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
This is not the same match but it is from the same year.

Here's another match of Riggs and Budge but from 1949 where Riggs was the dominant player. Riggs developed a much stronger serve. Some thought it was more effective than Budge's serve in his prime.
pc1, there's no way that Riggs' serve was EVER as big or as good as Budge's. Budge had a "great" serve. Riggs did not. At 59 years old, Budge's serve was bigger than Riggs serve ever was. Riggs had a very good, reliable, second serve. But, he never had much power in any aspect of his game. He was a slicer/dicer who won with mobility, variety and a lot of lobs and drop shots. He couldn't match the power of the big hitters and he knew it.
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