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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
Yea, it's gotta be the gun.

I caught a 60 pound fish last week, but the scale only said it was 45 pounds. I'm going to get a new scale that says its 60 so I can be right. It might take a few different scales, but when it reads 60 ill know I found an accurate scale.
That makes you sound incredibly ignorant.

-3 people with 100+ mph capability all cap out at exactly 97 mph serving as flat as they can on their best strike.
-Guy who owns the gun is the former ITF #1 singles player in the state and (granted hes older now) can only max out at 91 mph.
-If he thought we were all delusional he would have just said so.

I'm a bit disturbed how absolute you people seem to think radar guns are. I'm pretty sure that if radar guns were as full proof and as accurate as you think they are no speeding ticket would ever be overturned provided it has a radar gun giving the speed.

You sounded reasonable, but this time you're just way out of line.

I started Googling around...

It turns out that some radar guns are capped at certain speeds. The radar gun below is capped at 110 MPH. That's not the one we used, but im just throwing that out there.

Although thats not the one we used, I think this one is...

Now, read carefully. This one is capped at like 300-something MPH, so we know thats not the issue. However... after reading the comments...

One of the feedbacks from a person measuring a tennis ball has to say:

"i have your Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar, and i am very dissapointed !
i am using this for tennis ball speed, and the messurements are for sure very very bad !
so about 15 to 20 miles per hour lower !!!!
can i do something wrong ? but i do not think so ...
is my device wrong ???
give me please any advice, thanks a lot."

In response, the president of Pocket Radar says:

"We have many top Tennis coaches using the Pocket Radar for training. We are going to be at the USPTA tennis show this week. So I am sure we can fix your problem. Right off the top of my head, it sounds like if you are getting readings of 15 to 20 miles per hour lower then it may be that the Pocket Radar is set in Meters per Second (MPS) instead of Miles per Hour (MPH). This is very easy to change. The other thing that may be happening is that you may be taking readings at an off-angle. All Radar guns need to have their beam aimed in-line with path of the ball to get an accurate reading. If you are off angle by 25 degrees then the readings will be 10% low. The best way to use it in tennis is to be about 20 feet back behind the server with the radar held up at the level where the ball will leave the racket. Then tap the red button just as the ball is dropping from the top of the toss just as the racket starts to swing forward. "

As you can see, you cant just be anywhere in relation to the ball when you measure it. It sounds like we were not using it correctly. The 3 people at 97 MPH must have been a strange coincidence, but the radar gunner was off to the side and not directly behind the server and the radar unit was definitely not being held up at the contact point. It's very possible now the readings were 10% low and some of those serves we're actually going over 100.

I'm pretty sure i've said somewhere in another thread that the position of the radar unit matters and people just brushed that off. Now we know.

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