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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
pc1, there's no way that Riggs' serve was EVER as big or as good as Budge's. Budge had a "great" serve. Riggs did not. At 59 years old, Budge's serve was bigger than Riggs serve ever was. Riggs had a very good, reliable, second serve. But, he never had much power in any aspect of his game. He was a slicer/dicer who won with mobility, variety and a lot of lobs and drop shots. He couldn't match the power of the big hitters and he knew it.
I didn't write that it was as big as Budge but people like Ellsworth Vines thought it was probably more effective than Budge's serve because of the variety Riggs had that Vines thought Budge didn't have.

Actually others like Pancho Gonzalez mentioned what a great serve Bobby Riggs had. There are newspaper accounts of Riggs serving a lot of aces against players like Budge.

I just wrote that some thought so and that has been written.

I'll see if I can find some of the articles that mentioned Riggs' serving. I may not have time to do it today.

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