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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
Thats alot of lead dude. I guess its worth a shot to try. Good luck with that.

I used to hit up Carls in Hawaii and get double western burgers. One of the best fast food burgers ever. For me its a toss up between Jack in the Box and Carls Jr. Meat, Onion strings, cheese, and BBQ This appears to be that with pulled pork added.

Im gonna have to hit up a hardees next time I see one.
I guess I am going back to my London days. The plow after mods is incredible. But I never had to put more than an oz of lead in there. So I am breaking the record with 2 oz of lead and 2 layers of overwrap.

I still think my Fuddruckers is still the best! Beats all the fancy burger places hands down. For fast foods, I still love my Checkers and Roy Rogers. Sometihng about putting red onions in burgers that's so good. Also Checker's seasoned fries is awesome as well. I stopped going to BK's ever since they changed their fries this last time. I thought the last iteration was perfect. Very crunchy.
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