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<deleted stuff that already got cleared up>

As for the rest - I'm jumping in before finishing the thread. I'm a 3.0C and I play against a lot of 3.5C women as well as a fair number of 4.0 & 3.5 men. My 7.0 mixed partner who is a solid 4.0C player struggles to put away easy volleys at the net. That doesn't mean he won't return them, but that they aren't automatic winners and because of it allows our opponents back into the match.

The women I play with and against resemble nothing like the mythical 3.5 ladies you describe upthread. Yes, we have a lot of the shots you mentioned we should have, but more often than not, don't pull them off. Having the stroke and being able to execute it consistently are two different things. (eta) 3.5's, by their very nature of being 3.5's aren't going to be consistent. I mean they seem pretty damn consistent to me, but I'm a 3.0 and I already seem levels more consistent than I was a year ago.
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