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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Does the daily dosage include natural sources? If so, won't taking supplements push it over the edge?
I assume that the suggested daily dosages would include both supplemental as well as regular food sources. If one is taking supplements where very high levels of a given nutrient is already derived from food, then your concern may be warranted. This is one of the reasons that I suggested taking some of these supplements 3x week instead of daily -- particularly in the case of doses that are much higher than RDA levels.

My preference, as always, would be to get as much of my nutrients from food sources rather than processed supplement forms. Supplements are just that -- supplements, not replacements. Now often, therapeutic levels are quite a bit higher than RDA levels. When this is the case, it may be difficult or impractical to obtain sufficient amounts of the desired nutrient from food sources to attain those therapeutic levels. This is where a supplemental form might be considered.

When considering fairly high levels of a nutrient, one should always look at suggested therapeutic levels carefully. Toxicity levels should be taken into account. One should look at tolerable upper intake levels (UL), when considering levels that are much higher than RDA levels. My own preference, when considering high levels of a nutrient, is to go for the low end of the suggested therapeutic level range with a daily supplement. When lower supplement doses are not available, I might take the higher dose 2-4 times a week.

If, for instance, I was going to use supplemental vitamin E, I would look for a 100 IU or 200 IU product rather than the more common 400 IU supplement. Even tho' the UL for vitamin E is 1500 IU (1000 mg), there may stilll be some issues/concerns for daily dosages in the 400-800 IU daily dose range. If I did buy a 400 IU supplement, I would use it not more than 3x/week. (Futhermore, I would look for a vitamin E supplement with mixed tocopherols).
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