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Question Similar to the 6.1 95 line but with a little less power?

A few years ago I switched from my beloved PS 85s to the K 6.1 95 (the 16x18 version, strings LuxilonBB Alu Rough 55 lbs). I play on clay a lot and almost half of my matches are doubles. I'm satisfied with my switch overall.

However, sometimes the K 6.1 is a little too powerful. I like that when it comes to serves or my backhand, but my flat forehand shots tend to "sail" sometimes, which makes them too risky in certain situations in which the same shot would have been no problem with the PS 85. I feel like it limits my forehand to heavy topspin shots too often.

I did not like the 18x20 pattern - not a fan of dense patterns in general - and stringing harder is not the solution either. I tried that already. I'm considering a switch, but only if another racket was truly better for me overall.

So, which of the rackets that are as similar to the 6.1 as possible have just a tad less power but are just as good from your experience (review numbers don't always tell much about how a racket really plays)? Any other suggestions?

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