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Default Goodbye Tennis!

There is no doubt about the dianosses. The doctor is the hand spec. for the
u of Va sports program and she has seen many of these problems and since I know a person at the hospital there was another speciaalist in the meeting to
confirm her dianoses. As charliefederer indicated with x ray They pointed out
the exact same spot with the arrow as I had the gap. It actually looked like my xray. I do not have any pain now as its been over 6 months since I hurt it.
The drs. said play tennis with your small kids or have opr. Again, I can hit off the ground with 4.5 players for hours but they are not going to go with underhanded serves. I need for someone to help me find a device that makes
me incapable of breaking my wrist downward on a serve. I know Im nuts but want to play without a opr and cast. Sorry for misspelled word and grammer. hanks
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