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Originally Posted by yogisri View Post
My current tension is 57 lbs. I am using TecniFibre x-one Biphase 17G strings. I am getting a lot of spin but not enough power.
I'm looking for more power since I've very good control.
Poly strings in general REDUCE THE POWER level. Pros effectively get more CONTROLLABLE power because they can swing very fast and generate more spin with poly strings. So, you will not get more power going to a poly/multi or multi/poly hybrid than your current X1 BP setup. Try taking 2 lbs off tension down to 55 with x1 bp for more power. Or, try an all natural gut setup at 56-58 lbs.

In the same racket with the same swing speed and at roughly the same tensions, poly strings produce slightly less power than gut, multi or syn gut.

Try a gut/poly hybrid if you are willing to drop tension say down to 54/50 and work on swinging through your shots to generate more spin.
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