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Originally Posted by Gaz77 View Post
A lot of people seem to keep referring to the TGK260.2 as the stick that Berdych and Sharapova use but what the specs are i have no idea so i presume it still exists and i was on the understanding that all ATP top 50 players have their rackets made in Austria, outside of the top 50 players rackets come straight from china.

So is it only the PT57a's which are still made in Austria, i was under the impression PT57'a's and the TGK/TGT's where all made there too ?

Also isnt it funny that there's so many theories out there as to what rackets the pro's really play with and how there modified, ultimately no one really knows but i wonder if any other sports have the same sort of "conspiracy theories". For example is there a golf forum out there where people are debating what clubs Tiger Woods 'really' plays with ????
Sharapova uses a different racquet form Berdych. Sharapova uses the YT Radical Pro TGK269. That frame is 100sq.inches. Berdych really does use the TGK260.2

TGK and TGT are all made in China no matter what ranking you have.

These are not theories friend. There are people that have first hand experience with Pro Stock frames and the personal frames of players.
Djokovic Racquets specs: weight-358g balance-32cm SW-370 Flex 60RA

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