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Originally Posted by bugeyed View Post
A shelf for your hand to "push of of"? "index finger to lay on & push off of"? More power, serve better in every regard? Sounds like a salesman on commission. I don't think that my hand or index finger "push off" when I hit! More of a difference than the strings?
I think that I can safely say that, by the way you describe the benefits of the Wonder Wedge, it's mostly in your head! Absolute snake oil relative to the improvements as you describe them. It may give you a different grip on the racquet, but when you talk about hands & fingers "pushing off", I know you have a very vivid imagination.

Think about for a's hard to explain.....but if you don't believe it just look at what the pros do......they also all have custom made handles for their specific hands.

In fact Roman Prokes will take a mold of your hand to custom make the grip to fit your hand.

Babolat had the same idea as the wonder wedge and they had come out with a grip with a bubble in it to fit your hand......but it six compared to the wedge.

The wedge is a cheap way of doing it but not the best...we can't all afford the real way to do it.

Let me try to explain it a different way......your hand is not flat so why on earth should the grip be flat?

Same principles apply to your feet. Your feet are not flat so sneakers are made with arches....for high arches you can put in an arch support for your feet....the pros of course have it custom made.

Same principle applies to your has an arch just like your feet do....the handle should support it the same as an arch support supports your feet.

Maybe a better way to describe it is a "palm support "?

Bolleteri used it in his camp to teach grips as well.

Try it....I'm not a salesman at fact I don't use the wonder wedge. I simply take five pieces of mounting tape stick them together and put it on the handle. If I were a salesman I wouldn't be telling you that because wonder wedge would go out of business.

If you don't like it rip it off and throw it in the garbage....mounting tape only costs a couple of bucks....there's not much to lose.
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