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The funny thing is that this thread is about Cindy asking for completely reasonable things that are truly the bare minimum level of respect. Then the example you use is of the captain who is too extreme who expects people to make tennis their #1 priority no matter what. And then you use the most extreme example I have heard of a captain who is ****ed because a teammate wouldn't prioritize tennis over a pregnancy. I mean I thought that I knew the most extreme example of a guy who was ****ed that a guy wouldn't come back early from his honeymoon to play because "he made a commitment to the team" but being mad about a pregnancy!?

ANyway- Cindy it just shows once again how much better teammates people are once they have been captain before. I seriously doubt that anyone who has ever captained would do something like that. Just showing once again what a thankless job it is to be captain of a bunch of random people who don't ahve any incentive to see the big picture.

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