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Originally Posted by slowfox View Post
Based on the wording I thought this someone spontaneously decided to go make babies instead of going to nationals, like on that day... haha.

As for courtesy, wouldn't it be nice if team captains would reply to inquiries from folks who want to join? If there are no spots, just say so. I'll understand. All I get is silence... lol. Maybe they know I suck..??

As for common, it is anything but common. Cindy - I'm sorry about the inconveniences your team has caused you. It IS rude. Integrity is crumbling in this world.
I respond to players asking if I have a spot, and I will put them into contact with any captains I know are looking for players.

Really, it takes five seconds, just slightly more time than to delete the message. A curt "I don't have a spot" is better than nothing.
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