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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
One year, one team failed to go to nationals because someone decided to have a baby even though it was decided beforehand that they were going to nationals. They only had 8. A season isnt 9 months long... im sure you can figure it out.

PS: I had some good laughs just now because that team captain still goes off about the baby situation till this day. He's not that mad anymore because hes going to nationals this year, but AFAIK those two still arnt talking. Keep in mind, the captain is like 50 and the dude who had the baby is like 30 but this little drama they had reminded me of some 16 year old high school girls on a talk show. They're both good guys, but this "situation" was hilarious. But I can say that, because I wasnt one of the people who were basically screwed out of a national title. haha.
I don't know why this poster is taking such a beating over this. The person who decided to have the baby made a commitment to the team that they didn't follow thru with and seemingly never had any intention of following thru with. That's the issue. Why on earth couldn't this guy just say "not this year, my wife is expecting in 6 months. I won't be available".

This person could have simply informed the captain as soon as they realized that they would not be able to honor their commitment, but apparantly chose not to. Thus, the entire team missed out on something that they had worked all year for.

Was this person selfish to have a baby? No. They were selfish to make a commitment to a team that they had no intention of honoring or at least not informing the team when they realized that they couldn't honor the commitment.

Originally Posted by spot View Post
The funny thing is that this thread is about Cindy asking for completely reasonable things that are truly the bare minimum level of respect. Then the example you use is of the captain who is too extreme who expects people to make tennis their #1 priority no matter what. And then you use the most extreme example I have heard of a captain who is ****ed because a teammate wouldn't prioritize tennis over a pregnancy. I mean I thought that I knew the most extreme example of a guy who was ****ed that a guy wouldn't come back early from his honeymoon to play because "he made a commitment to the team" but being mad about a pregnancy!?
I think you completely missed the point.
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