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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
IMO, your swing should be generated primarily by upper body rotation and arm supination/pronation, not by swinging independently with the arm from the shoulder. A long unit turn will get your chest to about 4 O'Clock (from above). That's where your racquet face should be pointing as well. I hope that answers your question.
I think this is where the discussion should head. It is kind of hard not to have a longer backswing if you are getting good trunk rotation. I think people should get good trunk rotation and pull the racquet back far enough that the buttcap faces the net and then let it rip.

If people are not getting good trunk rotation and trying to hit everything open stance with a short backswing, then it is my guess that they are just arming the ball and not getting the body involved. And there is always time to properly set up for a hard hit rally shot if one does a proper split step, gets their shoulders turned and has good footwork and speed. If a player doesn't have those fundamentals down solid it is useless to circumvent them by using a compact swing.
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