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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
I've seen people on "nationals" teams who do not even meet half of these qualities. One year, one team failed to go to nationals because someone decided to have a baby even though it was decided beforehand that they were going to nationals. They only had 8. A season isnt 9 months long... im sure you can figure it out.
Without more details about what happened, it is difficult to lump this in with "Whatever happened to Common Courtesy." Since the birth of a new baby seems so much more important than playing recreational tennis, I can see why people jumped on this.

The way you decided to write this up was also odd. You framed the probelm as "someone decided to have a baby" instead of "someone made a committment they probably should have known they would be unable to keep."

It also seems like you are saying this person committed to going to Nationals, then selfishly decided to have a baby instead.

Also, it seems odd that one person backing out would cause a team to not go to Nationals. Most teams I know about try to bring at least a couple of extra players, because things like this happen. Nationals is a lot of matches, and usually at least the singles players need a sub or two.
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