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Originally Posted by namelessone View Post
You are comparing the SF of MS level with the last game before your opponent's serve(to serve for the championship) in a GS FINAL?


Plus, I didn't accuse Djokovic, he looked like he was really out of it physically(so I'm not questioning the validity) but his timing was bad. Hence the booing, by a crowd that usually is warm to Djoko.

Question: How many times was Nadal(master of the MTO, amirite?) booed by the crowd(outside of Paris obviously cause they boo there for anything, even when you check the marks - ON THE ONLY SURFACE WHERE YOU CAN DO SO) when he took MTO's/bathroom breaks?
Masters 1000 events are the biggest events on tour outside of the majors. Why do you downplay Nadal's bush league bathroom break?

On another note, indeed the crowd is usually warm to Djokovic...surprising after the incident with Roddick a few years back and now this. Everyone love a winner.
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