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Originally Posted by katelyn16 View Post
even racket means not closed not open. she has continental on right hand. eastern on left. she is right handed player. she can hit ball flat or topspin. she is the number 112 and under player in her district. her age is 10 yrs old. i am her grand pap and also teach tennis. every thing seams perfect when she meets ball. the other pros at the club insist that she change. i am not so sure. thanks for the help. i just want to make the right decision
Here we go. Right hand -- continental grip
Left hand -- Eastern FH

With this combination the racket face should be on the edge (not open, not close) or maybe slightly close by 91 degrees.

If with this grip combination the face of the racket is closed in the backswing this means she is turning her wrists to make this happen. This is an extra thing and must be eliminated.
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