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Originally Posted by Tennisguy3000 View Post
Nice, I would consider you a lucky man then I did mess up my arm a bit with other sports years ago... I dont think it ever completely healed up ;-(

Which one would you say is softer & has more control, I dont need a power string. Thanks
Adrenalin: I play a mostly net game and I really like it for doubles long as I set my angle on the face, track the ball right to the sweet spot the volly's always land with in a 10" diameter spot of the spot I am aiming for,

My coach use to set up used large folgers coffee cans in a few spots in each alley and would feed balls and have me volley till I hit (or landed inside of 10 cans)

on a good day I can normally 10 cans in 15-17 shots.

I have annoyed plenty opponents with my ability to volley into their feet/ankles.
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