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Originally Posted by tennis_ocd View Post
lol. I bunch of rec guys upset that they're only hitting 97. Too funny.

btw, google radar traffic enforcement and I bet you find infinitely more blathering over how it gives faster than real results.
Strange, since I never mentioned anything about the other two people who hit 97 mph.

Both of them are 18-20 years old. One is in college. The other is a tennis teacher (not certified).

I was the only "rec player" who hit 97. The guy who used to be #1 in the state in singles only hit 91 mph, who is a USPTA-1 teaching pro.

You're way off about "3 rec players hitting 97" everyone who isnt a "pro" a "rec player". I guess "college" is a "rec player" too then.

mmm. ok.
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