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Originally Posted by Top Jimmy View Post
Not going to go extremely in depth and detailed but got to play with these sticks last night(some in match, some post match hitting.)

Current racket is a Dunlop 4d 200 Tour. Love it, but sooooo heavy. After a 4 or 5 match tournament over the weekend i was developing a dead arm days and weeks after. Looking for same type of racket, just more head light.

Donnay Pro One 97 16x19 - Spent the most time with this one. The best serving racket I've ever used. I could generate incredible racket head speed and spin. Volleys were amazing, something that was lacking with my Dunlop due to sluggishness. But I could not hit any ground strokes. I held serve effortlessly because i could end the points quick but I would get 1 out of 4 return of serves back. Possibly timing problem since much lighter feeling than Dunlop, definitely a much different feel at contact.

Head Radical Pro - Ground strokes improved greatly when I switched mid match, more like my Dunlop. Felt more forgiving on off-center hits compared to the Pro One. Serves lost a few MPH due to the more even balance, volleys were very solid. Still HATE the Head pallet shape. Can't find my forehand grip.

Wilson PS95 - Feels like a flimsy toy.....but it actually hits very nice. Love the Wilson pallet shape so felt comfortable. The demo had a pretty loose string job so I'd tighten it up a bit. Felt solid enough in all areas, basically feels like a Wilson to me: head light, kind of dead felling.

So after struggling to win the first set with the Donnay because i could not return serve (held most service games very easily) I switched to the Head. Returns started going in but then my serve lost a little snap and service games became more difficult but still went up 3-0. At that point i thought I need to compare my Dunlop and see if my game is off or it's the rackets.

Well, first return of serve with Dunlop, winner. Second return, winner. Rally, winner. Broke at love. Won the set 6-0.

You can really thump balls with my Dunlop, just the weight, flex, everything seems to work for my swing. I just can't see myself playing with this heavy racket forever with the way i swing. Feeling kind of screwed.
I have tried all three of these sticks and had the exact same experiece.
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