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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
Carbon-tipped forks on a commuter they really quiet the vibration for a 35-mile ride daily?
Carbon forks are really intended to reduce weight. Carbon does absorb shock well but overall bike design is important too. Aluminum is a fairly soft material (think soda can) that can be made into a very compliant bike (like the olf Alan and Vitus bikes) as well as super stiff (old Cannondale race bikes).

The best way to minimize road shock is wider tires (700x28 to 700x32 is ideal for commuting) at low pressure, handlebar tape and padded gloves & shorts.

My personal favorite tires for commuting & touring are Rivendell Rolly Polys and Ruffy Tuffys (they're made by Panaracer for Rivendell). They are relatively lightweight, good road grip and supple ride. Andy Hampsten, former top US racer, uses these on his bike for which he leads cycling tours in Tuscany.
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