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Originally Posted by Bowtiesarecool View Post
Yeah, you didn't mention what string/tension you are using. This of course, is a large part of the equation. If you just want a little less power out of a frame you like, string a couple #s tighter/ try a string that's known to be low powered like RIP control, or some kind of poly/ add some weight under the butt to move the racquet's center-of-mass away from the head.
I too would recommend trying Rip Control just to see if it works for you. It's an interesting string that every tennis player should try at least once. trust me, you won't need a dampener with those strings.

For racquets, many people compare the 6.1 95 to the Bab Pure Storm Tour. That too has a good amount of power, but I would only suggest it to 6.1 95 users who don't like the harshness the 95 can give.

What about the new 95 Pro Staff? Unfortunately I think there is a huge power drop there, but add back a soft multi at a lower tension and power jumps back up. I used the PSLGT for 2 years which is a lot like the new PS95 and even with multis at 52lbs there was no loss of control but a decent jump in power, but still not even close to the 6.1 95s.
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