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Originally Posted by tennisjon View Post
I am not a shoe expert, but I think the clay court versions have different treads that allow the clay to slide and grip differently than a hard court sneaker. I don't think, however, that there is a difference in the actual rubber itself, just a pattern difference. If that is the case, the durability should be somewhat similar on a hard court and won't mark the courts. Barricades are usually extremely durable and most sneakers aren't marketed as being surface exclusive (except for grass court sneakers). I have heard on another thread that the clay versions were a little stiffer feeling, but I can not attest to it.
This is incorrect. The rubber is softer and, most importantly, the grooves are far thinner so a clay sole on HC will wear bald in no time. This is why the Clay B7s do not come with a 6 mos warranty, as all one would have to do it play for 5 mos on clay then wear them on HC for a few sessions and get a free pair.
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