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Really similar to my experiences with those three sticks as well. Donnay served bombs but trajectory on groundies seemed so fluffy and high unless I hit the ball absolutely square (and I rarely do). I love the IG Rad Pro but after an extensive tryout, honeymoon faded and frame got to be a bit sluggish the more I played with it. Still, great frame.

PS95, I have to say, I still carry in my bag as a project stick for several weeks now and I've grown to really dig it for what it is: a pure feel stick that bombs serves easily (not sure why: PWS+box beam+high twistweight?) but does not bomb groundies easily. There's an element of the latter I've grown to appreciate, as I get that Pure Storm Limited-type confidence where I absolutely let go and hit out like a madman, and I'm just about positive the ball is going to stay in the court. The game can get pretty fun when you're able to do that, and have actually been having some very good results on court with this frame, being in that mode. Mine's weighted up to 12.4 but doesn't feel like that at all. Not saying the PS95 is my end-all stick, but after initially being disappointed in it because I was hoping it was more of an all-around thumper, I've now grown to actually appreciate it once I accepted what it can and can't do.

The 200 Tour, never tried it, specs just seem far too beastly for me.
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