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TB's earlier IG Instinct PJs were tgk260.2s. The later ones are tgt260.2s.

> so if i go out and buy the youtek radical MP, would i have
> a same or very similar racket ? i was thinking about
> switching to berdych racket. i am trying to develop a
> similar game to him if possible

It wouldn't be the same as the pro stocks start with a lighter hairpin so material distribution would be different but I don't know if that's a small thing or a large thing. I certainly think that you'd be getting closer than any other frame though. The string pattern is different but I don't think that will make a huge difference.

The biggest difference, though, in Berdych's frame is the swingweight. Berdych's swingweight is somewhere between 390 and 400. This is pretty much in the high-end area for pros. Djokovic is around 370 and Fed and Nadal are lower. Those really hard groundstrokes that Berdych hits with apparent ease are due to his ability to accelerate a racquet with very high swingweight. One thing that you notice with players that use very high swingweights - they generally have two-handed backhands (though they may hit one-handed slice backhands). It can be hard to accelerate high weights on the backhand side with one hand.

If you're not used to high swingweights, I'd recommend taking it slow, especially on the serve.

> Also isnt it funny that there's so many theories out there
> as to what rackets the pro's really play with and how
> there modified, ultimately no one really knows but i
> wonder if any other sports have the same sort of
> "conspiracy theories". For example is there a golf forum
> out there where people are debating what clubs Tiger
> Woods 'really' plays with ????

I think that there have been about 20 of Berdych's frames for sale over the past two years. Some have been in hairpin form (raw racquet without pallet, grip, silicon and lead), some in uncustomized form (racquet with silicone but without lead), and some XLs without lead, some with his specs and some used at tournaments. I can guarantee you that there are people in this thread that own or did own TB's frames.
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