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Originally Posted by gplracer View Post
I guess I am in the minority. I played junior tennis. I go to my kids lessons. I listen and watch and then during the week we go out and work on what was said in the lesson. I take my kids to all of their tournaments. I try not to be outcome based but performance based as best as I can. I know I need work in that area. For me the videos are good reminders of basic swing paths, the need for sound footwork. There is not anything new in the videos.
This is precisely my approach too. A lot has changed since I played 30 years ago but I can hit with my kids, reinforce what our coach is saying and try to correct more obvious problems he has idenitified.

My eldest son has only played one tournament (state level U10 round robin) and lost all four matches but we expected that so no tears. What he did show was a really positive and aggressive game that was let down by too many unforced errors due to lazy footwork in the face of better players than he is used to. But he hit enough unplayable winners for us to be really encouraged and he knows where he has to improve.
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