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Originally Posted by themitchmann View Post
I wonder if we crossed paths. I was in a group of 3. We're you at the on court session with the Pros at Saddlebrook? I was the guy that asked Craig about the daily schedule on tour, as well as the question about James Blake's gear.
yes I was at the on court session with Hopman, we crossed paths, and remember you. I was the one that said that a difference in extreme tension ( 65lbs silver and 50lbs blue) will affect SW by few points, that I can feel it to John Gugel. In the blind test experiment I detected that the silver aero drive was more maneuverable than blue even though babolat rep said all frames that were being tested had exact frame specs.

GSS stringers said that most pros can not detect these slight changes; But we can. Most Pros know how to play, we are technicians and know why things feel the way they do. James blake knows that his old frames do not feel as good as the new frames, he knows something is different but can not explain it. Anyway, I will post a picture of me and Craign Boynten ( John Isners coach). Went to the far courts where Craig was training John and took some photos as well.

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