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So the Blades are coming with an open string pattern? is it the 93 and 98?
Is the new open string pattern racket have same spec as the other blades or new specs?

Originally Posted by Prostaffer View Post
Hey Kids! Got some solid info for all here...

The picture that was on twitter of Serena's hitting partner with a blade was indeed the future paint job! No more gold or pink versions

All I have is that the lineup stays the same minus the lite and a new 98.

Tour 93
Blade 98 (Two Versions not just cosmetic)

No word on stiffness ratings so I'm not sure if they are going back to the K Factor stiffness on the 93 and 98. I believe they reversed it for BLX correct?

Yes Amplifeel in all versions.

Here's a link to the PJ as posted by BeerTennis

Thanks mate!
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