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To men.       
I've actually not cared about speed so much until I met the experts on this forum. Granted, it may still be possible that I have estimated my serve a little faster than it actually it, I think its laughable that people think my serve is going 80.

It just so happened that he was playing with his new toy last night and noticed it cause he was poking fun at one of the girls who served a tap over at like 44 mph. Now we know that being at an off angle can result in slower numbers, her serve must have been going 50.

People who want to accuse me of "measuring from the bottom" or finding a "nice scale" have integrity problems. I want the most accurate, consistent and repeatable measurement possible. To do this you must measure the same way every time.

That way as described by the manufacturer is 20 ft. from directly behind the server, inline with the balls path, from a vantage point over the height at which the ball is struck.

The fact that people just want to "point and shoot" at anything to get readings is beyond me. When I attempt to educate them, they laugh and say im looking for a "nice scale", or "measure from the bottom".
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