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Look, you genuis's....
Studies are used to promote the stuff they're trying to use on you, so they can make even MORE money.
Studies can be manipulated to achieve any result they want.
For once, try using your brains.
Say you have 500 antibodies working for you right now. For an elderly person, who might be sick, he has maybe 300 of 'em.
Now introduce your vaccination shot, and it takes 100 of 'em to fight it, figure it out, do whatever is needed... meanwhile, only 200 to fight off other diseases, sicknesses, whatever is already wrong thru age.
Maybe YOU can afford 100 to deal with the vaccination shot, but old farts only have 200 left, not enough to deal with everyday problems.
You might be great with books, with research, but you don't know logic and living.
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