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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
I just saw this excellent quality footage of Don Budge vs. Bobby Riggs on YouTube and thought I'd share. I shows some great shotmaking by Budge, one of the all time great shotmakers, IMO.
Terrific video, thanks for posting. Love those beautiful flat strokes from back then.

Nice drop shot by Budge, though Budge wasn't trying to match drop shots with Riggs according to Allison Danzig in the NY Times.
Yesterday’s meeting between Budge and Riggs was their first on turf since 1938, when they were amateurs. Never before has Riggs taken so bad a beating on grass from his fellow Californian, and seldom has Budge played better tennis than he did in this match, in which he reached the amazing total of 43 earned points and 28 errors.

There was no inkling of the rout that was to develop as Riggs took the first two games. The smaller man was playing masterfully as he won the opening game with two service aces and two backhand drives, then broke through with his drop shots.

It seemed that Budge would have even more trouble with him than in their amateur days. Riggs was hitting the more sharply, opening the court with a greater variety of strokes and disturbing the big fellow with his drop shots and lobs.

Budge Takes Command

Then Budge went on the attack with a mounting pressure that instantly changed the complexion of the match. Refusing to fall into the trap of matching drop shots with Riggs, Budge brought his great hitting power of service and ground strokes to bear and went to the net for finishing volleys. He never deviated from this aggressive style of play.

Riggs was unable to withstand the onslaught. The ball shot with so much pace and came so low off the heavy turf that he was hard pressed to get his racquet on it squarely.

Going to the net in the face of such wrathful hitting was courting disaster, and when he was not passed or trapped by a lob he lacked the consistency of touch that usually characterizes his block volleying.

Budge won six games in a row from 0-2 to take the first set, and from 1-2 in the second he ran nine in a row until he led at 4-0 in the third set.

Riggs realized long before the third that he had met his master. Budge was not only beating him from the back of the court but volleying and smashing the better. Riggs’s passing shots, ordinarily so effective, did not score nearly as often as did Budge’s.
Score was 6-2, 6-2, 6-2.

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