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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
Budge's racquet was 16oz., with a 5 1/4" wood handle, not leather. The butt cap was a leather strip around the bottom. IMO, Budge had the best groundstrokes and return game in tennis until Laver. Unfortunately, he suffered a shoulder injury in an accident in 1943 (if I recall correctly), that impacted his level of play from that point forward.
Im glad you pointed the racket specs out. Most players and historians do not realize what kind of bats some of of these greats actually used. Budge actually got kramer to go heavier and it helped Jack be even greater. I have some of those antique woods with 5+ size grips and over 15oz's. They are truly impressive to hold and I have always wanted to give them a try. A woody event on grass would be the most ideal situation for such a stick trial.
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