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Default Losing Pro Major status retrospectively

Originally Posted by Mustard View Post

Mustard, you are right that the pro majors did have a doubtful status. They did not have the official label "Pro Grand Slam". Nevertheless it was common sense among the pros that Wembley, French Pro and US Pro were the foremost tournaments, and we should rate them as pro majors. Additional tournaments are thus the more doubtful.
Was there a sense in 1933 that those 3 tournaments were above the World Pro in Berlin? In reading the newpaper entries and hearing about Tilden's rating of the tournament I don't get that sense at all. The sense is that if anything the World Pro rated above them - or at least at their level. Hence, would it be more proper to say that the World Pro. was a Pro major but lost it's Pro Major status retrospectively because it didn't continue as such? But should Nusslein and Plaa be penalised for that?
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