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Originally Posted by Roger Wawrinka View Post
Hey guys, I am looking into buying one of these stringing machines and I was wondering which one you think is the best? I know these are all very great machines, but I am looking for some feedback on each of these.

Also, right now I am stringing on a prince neos 1500, so I am some what new to constant pull machines, and I was wondering if you guys had some tips about anything there is about constant pulls.

Thanks, R.W
You must have a few bucks to spend huh? Good machines by the way. Like drak said, you have a pretty good machine already, the wise tension head is a very inexpensive upgrade (compared to the price of the machines you mentioned), also keep in mind the amount of frames you will string. If you are a home/small club stringer, keep your machine, If you are stringing a lot, like in a busy shop, steady club clients and tournaments, then go ahead and grab the big guns, those are workhorses.
I own a Gamma 8800, I got it used a few years ago and works really good. I can say Gamma makes very reliable, quality machines.
Thats just my opinion, hope you have fun!
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