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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
I hit the Q5 315 today side by side with the QTour.

I'll start with the 315. I really like that racquet. It comes around very quickly, yet feel pretty solid. I was getting a lot of spin with it and it felt better and better the faster I swung. I liked the comfort, too. On the feel front, it felt pretty modern. I could feel the frame breathe more than with a traditional box beam racquet. I wouldn't say it was overly hollow as the kinetic provided a dampened feel, but it is definitely more modern in its feel.

Out of the two, I preferred the QTour. I like the classic feel. The response is smooth and the feel is plush. I find great directional control with it and it is just closer to the racquets I'm enjoying right now such as the Prestige MP and C10 Pro.

Chris, TW
So I'm guessing what you mean by the frame 'breathing' more than a box beam is that it's not as full... and modern meaning a tad more hollow than older offerings? I think that's what you mean. Cheers, Chris, for taking a spin and giving some feedback on a PK frame. I'll suggest one last time that you take one of the new PK Black Ace Mids out for a try -- I have a C10 as well (the Mac Pro Stock), and I was digging the IG Prestige MP you like as well, but this Ace trumps them for me right now -- more full feel/less wobble than the C10 and Prestige, and more plow than the IG MP though not quite the forgiveness of the extra square inches but it's a minimal difference. Really awesome frame.
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